Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

Football news:

"OT SirVincent Rogers, a rookie from Houston, got tired of struggling during camp so he quit before Thursday morning's practice."

Interesting Dolphins news. Firstly... SirVincent may be the best name ever. Secondly, although from the armchair being a football player may seem like the most awesome job ever, I guess being beaten up by men significantly bigger and stronger than you every day for work could get old pretty quick. And if you don't love the football (and you played because of other reasons, for example, education, prestige, girls) then I totally get it.

Blog news:

Snacks and Shit

This website is very amusing. Deconstructed rap lyrics for all.

Film reviews:

I just watched GI Joe and oh my god was this the worst film of all time. If not the worst, then very close... absolutely terrible. I'm not sure exactly where to start, other than to say that the script and science were actually worse than advertised. The effects were good, where you could ignore the stupidity of the science and pretend that some of them weren't totally ripped off Transformers. There's a great segue from the aerial battle to the submarine stuff, totally smooth. And the submarine battle effects and sequence could be used to great effect in a space battle, with the colours rescrubbed and someone somewhat serious actually, you know, picking holes in the stupidity.

The script was horrific. There were screaming cliches, crap repartee, one liners a six year old could have bettered.

There was also some significant homoeroticism. And the hot women characters had thongs built into the costumes. So you could tug one out at home, but only if you could squeeze it in before the boy love started again.

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