Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Johnnie Mitchell

Seriously, if it were just mangling the English language, that'd be one thing, but not to know the name of former Eagles and new Broncos safety BRIAN Dawkins, and not to be able to remember it from the announcer JUST SAYING IT, well, that's an issue

"The Running backs..."

"is not stepping up to the plate"


Are, I think you meant. Just putting it out there. Crazy talk, I know.

Dallas are getting good production in the Falcons game though, I can't quite work out what is wrong with the Cowboys. Obviously, Roy Williams is a pup at this point - they had Austin and Crayton, who can do a job and weren't highly drafted, and had Amendola in camp a couple of years ago who is looking ok with the Rams and could certainly play slot. Imagine having another first round draft pick, maybe a big body... Michael Oher was still available in the slot traded, given that Pettigrew wouldn't have been the choice as there are two tight ends already at Dallas who are doing really well anyhow.

I'll work it out

Fourth Kind

So there's a movie based on real/genuine "case studies" of alien abductions. Or, as I prefer to put it "the ravings of the deranged". Admittedly, I'm quite into words beginning with D to describe lunacy, from deranged to demented, but in this case, I'm comfortable.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Jack Straw

I thought he did well, except on the question about the failures in the migration system. I think I would have said "when we inherited the system, failed asylum seekers were being returned at a rate of X, now it's a rate of Y" (and this has definitely gone up, there are PAC reports and stats for that) "despite two wars".

Then "we should have done more to raise social housing stocks, and we will, and it is unfortunate that we are in a global recession and that there have been political scandals". take some on the chin, smash the tories a bit.

I'm outtie

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Further BNP funnies

"BNP spokesman Simon Darby, said today that at first glance the list includes some people who are no longer members and some who have moved abroad" (h/t)

They're not proper BNP members if they'll move abroad are they? In direct contravention of the party's stated goals?

BNP membership in Charnwood

What I don't understand is, why is the membership of the BNP so high in Charnwood? Are the lower middle class people of rural Leicestershire so threatened by and fearful of the majority residents of the county town? I cannot understand it. The Asian community is one of the reasons why Leicester is so brilliant.

Of course, this isn't reflected in the set up of the Leicester Tigers playing staff (I miss Aadel Kardooni, and according to Wikipedia he was Iranian, so not exactly representative of the Asian populous in Leicester). But I digress.

And North West Leicestershire can go bollocks too.

The funny thing is, as a long time resident of the county, these are the areas which middle class Asians are now moving to. 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants, who run their own businesses or are professionals, often mildly conservative socially, would seem to me to be an ideal fit with mid sized rural communities. But of course, they are brown, and therefore for some reason which has always eluded me, not welcome.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Saints vs Giants

The Saints did a nice job of showing pressure from one side, and then bringing pressure from the other side after the protection was adjusted. When Manning jr has been under pressure he has a tendency to shy away from the rush, dipping his shoulder a bit, and it's led to a couple of floaty looking passes including the interception which was called back. He doesn't stand tall in the face of the rush like Peyton does. Sometimes that works, as he's clearly got arm strength by the boatload, but other times it kind of lets him down.

On offense the Saints looked stunning out of play action, and have had no problem cutting the zone apart. Drew Brees looked top notch, in sharp contrast to how poor Reggie Bush looks. The commentators have suggested moving him into the slot, where they say he has got skills which some wideouts struggle with. However, in the Saints squad he'd have to come past Meacham, Colston, Henderson and Moore. That's an imposing two deep, imho, and it might be the best first four receivers in the league (I like the potential of the Colts, I like the variety in the Giants team, but the Saints have got production to point at over the last few years).

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Go Colts Go! 3

The insertion of Vince Young signals the end of the game. The fans are screaming for him but I'm not sure why. I think it's part of the typical bizarre manner in which wins are assigned to the QB, and losses equally so, as if one player can so transcend the environment in which they're in that they can elevate a team. If there is anything to be learnt from the career of Steve Young, I think that it's the fact that excellent players can be trapped in terrible situations, and as a consequence, suck.

In addition, if you are a sucky player, and happen to win, then that does not somehow make you a better player. Vince Young is such a player.

There have been dozens of articles written about the difficulties of transitioning from a college spread system into the pros. I am not convinced it is the system, however, I'm pretty sure it's the player. I know that Alex Smith seems to undermine the point I'm about to make, but I keep contending he's a Paragraph 1 player, and am prepared to be wrong.

My contention is that a smart player with the necessary physical attributes can be an NFL quarterback, but that a stupid player is going to have a larger difficulty in making the step. Vince Young needs reminding to breath in and out, so whilst he might have been able to master a one read system in Texas (run away from the end... is that one guy open, if not, scamper), he probably won't be able to master the complexity and nuance of the NFL. Hell, Trent Edwards looks occasionally competent, and he barely has the arm strength to play Division 1 ball. Chad Pennington is an excellent QB, who has legitimately gone to the Pro Bowl, extraordinarily bright, but has trouble winging it into anything more than a slight breeze. So smart beats physical.

Go Colts Go! 2

The Colts defensive line, despite the size increase, look for the most part like big H backs. When Dawson took the fumble recovery, he was a genuine looking chance to score - you wouldn't have been surprised if he'd beat a guy. The thing is, I love Haloti Ngata and a load of the big lumps, and I would love to see a massive body on the Colts line eating up blocks, but the more svelte guys are certainly doing a job for the Colts this year.

Go Colts Go!

Catching up on the Sunday night game, my early early thoughts are:

The 5 coverage is so superior to the Sky coverage it isn't even funny. I found myself actually watching the analysis, which never ever happens when Sky is on - it's a mute or when Sky+'d a fast forward.

Pat McAfee doesn't just erase computer viruses, he punts like a siege cannon.

Prior the the game my major concern was the off tackle draw by Johnson - most teams do not have the speed at feature back to really gash the Colts, although the draw play remains the most effective way of attacking the upfield speed rush. The Titans on the other hand really worry me.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Musings on fantasy

I've just blasted through the Raymond E Feist Serpentwar Saga for about the twentieth time. I have a soft spot for the books, they are somewhat dear to me for no rational reason. However, I've noticed something in my last couple of re reads which makes me sad...

The mythical element is so much weaker than the action roles, it is absurd. There's nothing well done about it, and it's so clumsy. Compare it to a pretty similar mythical element (God gone, how does it impact on the world, how do you cope) in the Godless World saga.

The problem is, it is an interesting conceit, which Feist bleeds to death. This is the reason I haven't got his later books yet - because I know it's going to happen again.

As it is, I skipped all the bits with Pug in, because it's dull. I won't be reading the end of the final book, I've read it before, it doesn't do anything for me.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Friday Night Lights TV

So I've dipped into FNL, which has a pretty high rep, but there's a couple of criticisms I would have. First off, the tackle that paralyses Street... reasonable tackle -no way there's a paralysis off of that. He hits with his chest in a cross body. lands on his front and rolls. No way. The guy would have to be made of glass, or the guy he tackled made of trains for that to happen.