Friday, 12 February 2010

Browns QBs

So there's a lot of talk about an Eaglse QB moving to the Browns. I will buy the argument that McNabb won't go there because of salary considerations - you don't sign a QB with a year to go on his deal, you just don't, and in an uncapped year I am not convinced that Cleveland has the money to get a new one done.

Kolb on the other hand... I could see that. I saw a comment on NFP that you'd need to give up a 1st round pick. But for someone who has maturity and some game time, if you value him, then sure, go for it. Don't tell me you can't get a 2nd round pick for Quinn, and a 3rd for Anderson - in fact, I bet you Anderson would be delighted to go back to the Ravens, assuming that Troy Smith goes, and Quinn has enuogh cold weather experience to go to the Bills, perhaps. At that point you can pick up a west coast back up - Garcia? - and suddenly the Browns have 2 2s, 2 3s, probably the shifty back up back in a new contract, grab yourself a Falcons cast off back (Norwood/Snelling), maybe Weaver (UFA?), rack up a couple more O Linemen, a handful of WRs in the dog ends of the 5th, a couple of DL with your other higher picks, and you're moving forward, no?

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