Friday, 26 June 2009

players I'm excited about

As previously posited, I love the draft.  I love it because you get some great stories about some interesting players who go on to play minor roles at best in the NFL.  I love college ball for the same - there'll be one or two guys on each squad with these fascinating stories.  One guy I liked to watch last year was James Casey at Rice.  A former professional baseball player who took a second chance in athletics and returned to football, played for Rice and looked really good.  Any player who has a package of plays built around him is exciting, but when the package is called the "Thor" package, then well... exciting! He's big! He runs.  The Thor package was a QB option type bundle, but this guy played end, TE, H back, fullback, tailback, split end - he's a football player, not a position player.  He'll contribute on special teams, and in a hybrid role, is my best guess.  He's the guy you will never draft in Fantasy, but has the potential to excite a hardcore fanbase - look for him at the Texans this year.

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