Friday, 19 June 2009

you tube if you want to

I hate the overblown hype, the misunderstanding, the confusion and then the misappropriation that accompanies any changes in the media landscape.  First it was blogs, then it was myspace, then facebook and youtube, now it's Twitter.

The thing that companies and politicians don't seem to understand is the inherently organic nature of these types of activity, and how corporate intrusion into them is horribly ineffective.

Youtube is the worst for this - other than the censorship and fair use issues which go on and on and on, the idea of politicians making press releases via this site is ludicrous.  You have proper TV equipment and access to the world's actual media.  Social media is not for you Gordon.

That said, youtube can be pretty neat - kids learning to tell visual stories, old tv clips, pirated gigs, amatuer music videos, all these things I am on board with.  Video diaries, less so.

Here's a list of things I have found this week on the internet, via various sources, which have amused me.

First up, two links from the excellent Earache blog - a cool Bezerker cover and the best washing machine advert of all time: (don't watch this at work!)

Then there's some more professional content, an unreleased single from the Streets. Mega.

And finally, via boing boing, a Jay Z remix

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