Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Go Colts Go! 3

The insertion of Vince Young signals the end of the game. The fans are screaming for him but I'm not sure why. I think it's part of the typical bizarre manner in which wins are assigned to the QB, and losses equally so, as if one player can so transcend the environment in which they're in that they can elevate a team. If there is anything to be learnt from the career of Steve Young, I think that it's the fact that excellent players can be trapped in terrible situations, and as a consequence, suck.

In addition, if you are a sucky player, and happen to win, then that does not somehow make you a better player. Vince Young is such a player.

There have been dozens of articles written about the difficulties of transitioning from a college spread system into the pros. I am not convinced it is the system, however, I'm pretty sure it's the player. I know that Alex Smith seems to undermine the point I'm about to make, but I keep contending he's a Paragraph 1 player, and am prepared to be wrong.

My contention is that a smart player with the necessary physical attributes can be an NFL quarterback, but that a stupid player is going to have a larger difficulty in making the step. Vince Young needs reminding to breath in and out, so whilst he might have been able to master a one read system in Texas (run away from the end... is that one guy open, if not, scamper), he probably won't be able to master the complexity and nuance of the NFL. Hell, Trent Edwards looks occasionally competent, and he barely has the arm strength to play Division 1 ball. Chad Pennington is an excellent QB, who has legitimately gone to the Pro Bowl, extraordinarily bright, but has trouble winging it into anything more than a slight breeze. So smart beats physical.

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