Monday, 19 October 2009

Saints vs Giants

The Saints did a nice job of showing pressure from one side, and then bringing pressure from the other side after the protection was adjusted. When Manning jr has been under pressure he has a tendency to shy away from the rush, dipping his shoulder a bit, and it's led to a couple of floaty looking passes including the interception which was called back. He doesn't stand tall in the face of the rush like Peyton does. Sometimes that works, as he's clearly got arm strength by the boatload, but other times it kind of lets him down.

On offense the Saints looked stunning out of play action, and have had no problem cutting the zone apart. Drew Brees looked top notch, in sharp contrast to how poor Reggie Bush looks. The commentators have suggested moving him into the slot, where they say he has got skills which some wideouts struggle with. However, in the Saints squad he'd have to come past Meacham, Colston, Henderson and Moore. That's an imposing two deep, imho, and it might be the best first four receivers in the league (I like the potential of the Colts, I like the variety in the Giants team, but the Saints have got production to point at over the last few years).

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