Friday, 4 September 2009

Football season!

I'm lucky enough to have ESPN America. The first game I'm watching this year is Oregon and Boise State on the smurf turf, and I'm super excited.

I guess this is a kind of live blog thing. But I have no readers.

I could be more excited during the game, to be fair. Boise have decided fumbling is an effective offensive play, and Oregon aren't exactly getting a decent return out of their enormous combination of QB and RB (Masoli is a giant of a man, and Blount is a freak beast senior, who will go high in the draft this year if he can put together some decent productivity and stay healthy). First quarter and some punts isn't what I was after.

In fact, so far the most impressive play has been a fourth down conversion from Boise when they went super heavy on the line and ploughed up for the yard they needed and then some. I say this was the best play because it was designed for success, coming off a quick count, rather than the odd completion which seems to be a bit flukey.

I'm quite liking the lefty quarterback for Boise. It's odd watching pass plays develop back to front. You'd think with that kind of advantage Leinart would be handy for the Buzzsaw, but there you go.

The coverage of this game is absolute garbage - let's have some crows shots and then "how about this formation... maybe the Ducks didn't have this on their reel of trick plays". No shit, jerk off, probably because you've elected not to show the actual formation. "It's as funky a formation as you are going to see"- then show it you fuckwits.

Five minutes later we finally get it.

The Ducks are in some serious trouble here. A safety gets scored when the defense just flat out inhales the spread read. I actually agree with the commentator a little here - the East/West running style of the spread option read offense does make you vulnerable in the tight areas.

Second half - a change of starting/featured backs seems to have made Boise even more menacing. Avery didn't seem to be hitting the hole as quickly as the new back (Harper) in the first half, and he promptly breaks off a long run, showing good patience to wait for the blocks on the right hand side to come back downhill.

Oregon come back out on offense, show a lovely zone read play, but only get a yard or two. The edge defender wasn't interested in the (to me very convincing) play fake and gobbles up the QB. The subsequent play goes for a loss. I'm wondering where the inside zone play is. A little underneath screen sees Blount take a horrific shot in the back. Boise are happy to cough up a yard for that kind of impact.

For all the talk about the TZR/Taser position, this is not a new innovation Oregon. You're using itty bitty backs as waterbug receivers to run jet sweeps and bubble screens. For more details of how this works, see Percy Harvin last year, and basically every other team who use the zone read.

Oregon get on the board with the inside zone. I'd take credit and kudos, except two plays back Blount bashed into the line for a yard on the other half of the inside zone, so I shan't.

Now they're showing Masoli bulldozing a safety from last year. I'm more impressed that the O Lineman is in the mix with the three other DBs, chasing like a man half his size.

Boise get a gorgeous downfield pass off. The left tackle cut down the pass rush like he was chopping with an axe and the pass came out over the middle like an absolute rocket.

Boise put the game to bed after having a decent try at giving it away with fumbles - Oregon could have won this with a bit of composure, but their O just didn't get started.

And the game ends in scandal. Excellent news. That's just what we want

Bored of writing now

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  1. I hate you. When was I to be told you have ESPN America? Thats just not fair. Pick a saturday. I shall come to yours, wings shall be eaten. Beer shall be drunk. And comical college football played.