Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I love me a football name conversation. There are some great names out there in football land, whether you're a Craphonso Thorpe, a D'Brickashaw Montgomery Ladarius Fantana 'The Pain Train' Ferguson, a Nu'Keese Richardson or a Barkevious Mingo, you're an exciting guy, and destined for football greatness (or a name change and a career in landscape maintenance).

It's not just in football where you find names where there seems to be a weight of expectation - you have to hope when you name your kid Bismark or Tank that they'll not end up 90 pound weaklings.

And what about when the name given to a child is gender neutral. England stalwart Dorian West was a tough man, but would he have been so tough if his name was Dave?

All this leads to my point - Marion Barber the Third. The Third! His father played in the NFL. His Granddad, one assumes, was a tough guy too. There's some expectation.

Shame he's out for the week when I have to play Bjorn in the fantasy league... oh, and I have Felix Jones.

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