Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Weekend fixtures

As I gobble through the weekend fixtures here are some more observations:

1 - I love it that some programmes are scheduling proper inter divisional match ups. Ok, so Oregon wasn't a scorcher against Boise, and SC vs NC State wasn't a giggle fest either, but these (and the Va Tech vs Tide game) give me much more respect for the programmes involved, particularly on opening weekend. And no, it didn't work out for Georgia. But if it had, and they ran the table in the SEC, there could have been no disputing their national title credentials. I haven't finished watching the Tide game yet.

2 - The first Alabama TD was great. Lovely to see the RB just hammering somebody to go over the line.

3 - Tyrod Taylor looks overrated. However the 1 read offense being run in the passing game by 'bama isn't super impressive either.

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