Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sports coverage

I get kind of annoyed when camera men and directors clown up sporting events. However, two things this week have highlighted that it can be a bit tricky as a job.

1 - Andy "I like pies" Goode sliced a kick in a Top 14 game. The ball came off the studs of his boot, it was that far round the side of his foot. He was in his 22, so the camera guy panned to the halfway line. No ball. Then he shook about a bit, before realising that the fat guy had smashed it into the opposing 22 even with the slice.

2 - Oklahoma State v Georgia, the back takes an inside dive/off tackle hand off, gets hit by a linebacker at about the line of scrimmage, then slides off. The camera guy is so unimpressed by the tackle he assumes the backer was shedding the guy and starts to desperately scoop back to the QB, figuring it was just a really lush play action. Then the back puts the ball in the other hand and scoots off up field.

However, this doesn't excuse the gratuitous crowd shots during the on field action which I am cursed with. And if you have to shoot the crowd, at least pick filthy hotties with their chests out. Not fat guys with funny hats. Uninterested.

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